Worship & Music

Worship Team

Joe Moreno leads the team by guitar and vocals every week. Worship can vary from just a guitar and a singer to a full band. But the beauty of it all is that each of these musicians use their gifts solely for the Lord. Instruments range from drums, cajon, bass, lead guitar, flute and piano. No instrument is too much for the Lord.
Leading with a contemporary style while still incorporating the beautiful classics, Valley Bible’s worship team desires to raise up musicians to grow in the Lord’s plans. God has tremendously blessed this worship team and it only keeps growing for His glory. The worship team intends to keep adding new musicians and spreading the word of God through the power of music.
One of the worship team’s favorite songs states, “All of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship.”

Worship at Valley Bible

Valley Bible’s Worship Team believes it is important to surrender all of yourself and worship God alone.

Psalm 144:9-10 states, “I will sing a new song to You, my God; on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to You, to the One who gives victory to kings, who delivers his servant David.”

We are not afraid of the gifts God has given us. We plan to use these gifts to worship our God. Worship at Valley is not about us, it’s about bringing praise to the One who deserves all the praise we can give. It’s not about what we look like when we worship or how we worship, as long as we are worshipping our Lord, nothing else matters.

“He must increase, I must decrease” – John 3:30

For more information, please contact Joe Moreno, Worship Leader, at (949) 610-2528, or by email at