Paul Before Rulers
  • 2020-02-09Paul Before Rulers
    Paul Before Rulers
  • 2020-02-02The Plot Against Paul
    The Plot Against Paul
    Today Pastor Kevin is returning to "The Gospel Project".  In today's message, we will trace Paul's experience in Jerusalem, when he was judged for his resurrection hope, strengthened by Christ's presence in prison, and preserved through a surprising plot twist.  We will see that even in prison, God was faithful to provide for Paul and to lead His servant to be used where and how He desired.  We will be encouraged to imitate the apostle's boldness, courage, and conviction as we ask God to give us the same faith and fortitude to surrender our lives to the Christ who surrendered His life for us.  Like Paul, we will see that resurrection hope gives God's people confidence to share the Gospel no matter the consequences.
  • 2020-01-26How Do We Break Bad Habits?
    How Do We Break Bad Habits?
    Series: Habits
    Today we are welcoming Sam Brumit as guest speaker.  Pastor Sam is the the senior pastor of the Mission 3:16 fellowship.  This is his first time speaking at Valley.  Pastor Sam will be discussing the how to break bad habits.  This is the final Sunday in the Habits series.
  • 2020-01-12Who Before Do
    Who Before Do
    Series: Habits
    Today we begin a 3-week series on HABITS.  In today's message Pastor Kevin talks about how change isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible, either.  Your future self is a result of the decisions you make each day.  Starting a few small good Habits can change how you see yourself today and transform you into the person you want to be tomorrow.
  • 2020-01-05Walk by Faith Into A New Year!
    Walk by Faith Into A New Year!
    Series: (All)
  • 2019-12-29How to Build
    How to Build
    Series: Nehemiah
    Today we are welcoming back someone who has spoken before here at Valley, Dave Metzger.  Pastor Dave is our guest speaker today.  He will be teaching in Nehemiah Chapter 3.  The book of Nehemiah is a gift dropped from heaven so that we could gain a glimpse of how God graciously worked among His people in the post-exilic era.  The situation was desperate.  The former nation of Israel was shattered into shambles ready to join a host of other nations in the archives of ancient history.  Since the time of Nehemiah, decades had passed since their capital was captured, burnt down and people deported.  The Promised Land was resettled with the poorest Israelites and a mix of immigrants.  Hope for the nation only remained in the copy of the old ancient scriptures.  The Book of Nehemiah speaks about one solitary spark through which the Lord relit a flame of hope for the future of Israel which otherwise would have been snuffed out.  One has to understand when we talk about Nehemiah’s rebuilding a wall, that the wall was least critical in the rebuilding of a nation dedicated to God’s purposes.
  • 2019-12-24The Star: A Journey to Christmas
    The Star: A Journey to Christmas
    Series: Advent 2019
    Jesus Christ is the true reason for hope, love, joy, and peace in this season and forever.  As we light the Christ candle, celebrating the end of Advent and the arrival of Christ and Christmas, let us remember how our savior came once as a lowly baby, that the world through him might be saved, and how he will return one day in glory.
  • 2019-12-22The Star: A Journey of Peace
    The Star: A Journey of Peace
    Series: Advent 2019
    Lighting a candle is a simple yet profound act.  It is a testimony to the power of light over darkness.  As we light this fourth candle of Advent, we continue our journey to Christmas.  The fourth candle of Advent is called the Peace candle; as we anticipate Christmas, let us remember the birth of the Prince of Peace.  Let us remember our need for a Savior to save us from our sins, and give us peace with God.
  • 2019-12-15The Star: A Journey of Joy
    The Star: A Journey of Joy
    Series: Advent 2019
    Beginning four Sundays before Christmas, Advent is a time of preparation and expectant waiting for the promised Savior.  Each Sunday of Advent focuses on a particular liturgical theme. In our first sermon, we talked about Advent hope, in our second message, we explored Advent love.  In this third installment, we consider Advent joy. Biblical joy is different than what most people think of as joy.  It is not just a happy emotion that we either feel or don’t feel, it is a state of being that finds its source in God.  The Bible is clear that joy comes from God (Neh. 8:9-10), and our joy is a product of what God has done and continues to do.  It is gladness and contentedness flowing out of the well-spring of God’s faithfulness and mercy, quite independent of our circumstances.  In today's message Pastor Kevin will highlight three key truths about experiencing joy.
  • 2019-12-08The Star: A Journey of Love
    The Star: A Journey of Love
    Series: Advent 2019
    Last Sunday we lit the candle of Hope, remembering the hope which comes in Christ. Today we light the second candle of Advent, the candle of Love.  Scripture tells us “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7 (ESV)  If you want to know how to love one another, look at the love that sent Jesus to earth to live a life of love and pay the price for all of our sins.  It's all about love. This isn't a love of fancy words and impossible tasks.  This is a love that says, "I am willing to love you no matter what."
  • 2019-12-01The Star: A Journey to Hope
    The Star: A Journey to Hope
    Series: Advent 2019
    More than two thousand years ago, a star burst through the darkness and signaled the long-awaited but still unexpected birth of a Savior. Today another star shines, piercing the darkness of our lives with hope, love, joy and peace.  His name is Jesus, and His light shines, drawing us into the journey of following Him. Today we begin a new series on Advent. The four weeks before Christmas are set aside as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Jesus' birth. The term Advent is a version of the Latin word that means "coming". Just as the Old Testament believers anticipated the first coming of the Messiah, we, the New Testament church, anticipate the second coming.  The beauty of this Advent season is the building anticipation of our coming Hope.  Jesus Christ is our only hope in life and in death.  He is our Savior from the effects of sin, as well as our Redeemer from the wages of it.
  • 2019-11-24Thankful in Praise
    Thankful in Praise
    Series: Thanksgiving
    In today's message, Pastor Kevin will be teaching from Psalm 111.  He will be reading from the NIV translation.  In this hymn, the psalmist exhorts others and resolves himself to praise the Lord, because of His mighty works.   We have much to be thankful for as Pastor Kevin will point out in today's lesson.
  • 2019-11-17Once Greedy, Now Generous
    Once Greedy, Now Generous
    In this session, we will encounter how the grace of God works deeply into us so that it can also work out of us to benefit others. We will see that grace hoarded is grace squandered; in fact, it may be grace misunderstood or even unexperienced.  God's gracious gifts are meant to be held loosely with generosity, not held onto tightly with greed.  We will also see that our motivation for living with generosity comes from God's exceeding generosity to us in giving us the fullness of His Son despite our total spiritual bankruptcy.  Because we have been given the eternal riches of His glory in Christ Jesus, we are compelled to live generously, not reluctantly, and with joy and gratitude.
  • 2019-11-10Once Weak, Now Strong
    Once Weak, Now Strong
    In today's message in the Gospel Project, Letters to God's People, guest speaker Ollis Mozon will cover Ephesians chapter 6, verses 10 through 20.  In this session, we will learn how God has exchanged our weakness with His strength in preparing us to stand firm in battle against our true enemy, Satan and his forces of evil.  We have been given spiritual armor from God that enables us not only to stand firm against his attacks but also to advance the Gospel no matter the opposition we face.  We wage war against the enemy and against his designs and his minions as the church's final victory march, celebrating the win Christ has achieved for us.
  • 2019-11-03Once Works, Now Fruit
    Once Works, Now Fruit
    It's possible to coerce or even force someone to do something, but for an action to be meaningful and fulfilling, it must be done because the person wanted to.  This is the key difference between behavior modification and heart change, changing our actions versus changing our motivations underneath our actions. Behavior modification versus heart change is exactly the find of dynamic at play in Paul's letter to the Galatians, especially concerning the fruit of the Spirit in chapter 5.  In this session we're going to interact with Paul's teaching on grace, works, and personal transformation in the light of the gospel. We will see that what we do certainly matters, but why we do what we do matters even more.
  • 2019-10-27Once Apart, Now Together
    Once Apart, Now Together
    In today's message, we will see how God changes us and bring us into fellowship with Himself and with others and how we are to carry out our mission to extend this fellowship to the world.
  • 2019-10-20Once Slaves, Now Children
    Once Slaves, Now Children
    In today's message in the Gospel Project, we will begin a series examining how God changes us in Christ.  Up first, we will explore Romans 8 and touch on some of the highlights of this high point of Scripture.  We will see that Christians have undergone a radical transformation from being slaves of sin and fear to becoming children of God who can live with full assurance and hopeful anticipation that God is making all things new.
  • 2019-10-13Toward Obedience to His Word
    Toward Obedience to His Word
    In today's session, we will look at significant themes regarding pastors found in key excerpts from Paul's Pastoral Epistles, his letters to Timothy and Titus.  We will see how God gives pastors to His church to lead His people in obedience to His Word.  Allow this study to help you obey God's call to pray for and support the pastors He has given to lead us in our mission of making disciples.
  • 2019-10-06Toward Love in Action
    Toward Love in Action
    In today's message in the Gospel Project, letters to God's people, Pastor Kevin will be covering 1 John chapter 3.  In this session, we will study the biblical call to love as heard from one of the apostle John's letters to believers.  We cannot evade the Bible's command to love. It comes through loud and clear, running throughout the pages of Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments.  As those who have been rescued from our sin, we now have been given a new identify and the fruit of love will be evident in our lives.  This love is not something kept within us; it will naturally be shown through our actions.
  • 2019-09-29Toward an Enduring Identity
    Toward an Enduring Identity
    In today's message in the Gospel Project, letters to God's people, Pastor Kevin will cover 1 Peter chapter 2.  In this session, we will see that we are each a part of the body of Christ.  Chosen by God, receivers of great mercy, we have been given a new identity that we are to work out in our lives.  With Christ as our foundation and example, we've also been given a new purpose and calling to be set apart for the work and glory of God.