Embracing the Truth of Christ
  • 2019-08-04Embracing the Truth of Christ
    Embracing the Truth of Christ
  • 2019-03-31A Spirit-Empowered Evangelist
    A Spirit-Empowered Evangelist
    In today's message, Ken Purviance will discuss how Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to help a eunuch. This account takes place in Acts chapter 8. God calls us to to be available and obedient to the Spirit's prompting, able and willing to show Christ in all the Scriptures. So without any further delay let's join our teacher for today's lesson.
  • 2018-07-01Jesus Provides Bread from Heaven
    Jesus Provides Bread from Heaven
    "Jesus Provides Bread from Heaven" The Miracles of Jesus: Jesus the Miracle-Worker by Ken Purviance. Released: 2018. Track 2.