“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit”

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Sermon Notes

Today we are welcoming Chase Feindel as guest speaker. Pastor Feindel is the lead pastor of Anthem Church located in Vista. This is his first time speaking at Valley. Pastor Feindel will be discussing the first beatitude in the sermon on the mount. Matthew 5:3–12 contains what have come to be known as the Beatitudes.  Each of the Beatitudes begins with a reference to those who are blessed, in connection to some behavior or attitude. The idea of being “blessed” in Jesus’ sermon does not mean feeling happy, necessarily. Rather it means recognizing what is truly good in a person’s life and why. It refers to those on the right track, who are following a godly pattern of thoughts and actions. Jesus begins by saying that the poor in spirit are blessed. This is not a reference to money or finances. To be “poor in spirit” is the opposite of being self-confident or self-reliant, especially in any spiritual sense. The poor in spirit recognize they are incapable of providing for themselves by their own strength, goodness, or righteousness. They know themselves to be spiritually bankrupt of true goodness. They cannot hope to bargain or earn their way into the kingdom of heaven.