Discipleship As Our Third Purpose

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Sermon Notes

Today we are welcoming Ollis Mozon as guest speaker. Pastor Mozon has spoken at Valley before, and will discussing the importance of discipleship.  Discipleship is a fancy word meaning how you mature in Christ.  How Christ is formed in your thoughts, your actions, your life.  Discipleship is not church attendance or Bible study.  Some folks who have gone to church their entire lives have never been discipled. Discipleship usually happens in pairs of women or men (wherein one of whom having already been discipled guides another).  Discipleship is a walking together in the way of Christ, learning to die, learning how to leave who you were, and learning who you now are.  Learning to follow Jesus, becoming His disciple, means walking alongside someone further in the Christian faith for a significant period.  It is personal. It is challenging.  Jesus walked with his disciples for three years.  This is no six-week curriculum.