Forgiveness: Getting it, Giving it

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Sermon Notes

Religious leaders in Jesus’ day formed societies where men (and it was always men) sat in the evenings, ate meals and debated theology. There were also many Jewish people who lived on the margins, not living by the law, and rejected by these religious leaders as “sinners.” In the parable of the Two Debtors, Simon, a Pharisee, has invited Jesus to a dinner at Simon’s house. Like all cultures, there are certain “rules” when someone comes to your house. In Jesus’ day, three rituals were common: a kiss of greeting, washing of feet and anointing with oil. Suddenly a woman appears at the dinner table. This was possible in those days because the dinners would be held in a courtyard, with the gate open so that the rest of the town could look in on the festivities. The woman is described by Luke as a ‘sinner.’ After this event unfolds, Jesus tells a parable.