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Sermon Notes

Today we are welcoming back someone who has spoken before here at Valley, Dave Metzger.  Pastor Dave is our guest speaker today.  He will be teaching in Nehemiah Chapter 3.  The book of Nehemiah is a gift dropped from heaven so that we could gain a glimpse of how God graciously worked among His people in the post-exilic era.  The situation was desperate.  The former nation of Israel was shattered into shambles ready to join a host of other nations in the archives of ancient history.  Since the time of Nehemiah, decades had passed since their capital was captured, burnt down and people deported.  The Promised Land was resettled with the poorest Israelites and a mix of immigrants.  Hope for the nation only remained in the copy of the old ancient scriptures.  The Book of Nehemiah speaks about one solitary spark through which the Lord relit a flame of hope for the future of Israel which otherwise would have been snuffed out.  One has to understand when we talk about Nehemiah’s rebuilding a wall, that the wall was least critical in the rebuilding of a nation dedicated to God’s purposes.