Toward Unity in the Cross

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Sermon Notes

Like an an ornate jigsaw puzzle. Christians are part of a whole.  Not one piece is alike, and no one piece can stand alone.  We don’t make sense without each other.  But here in the church at Corinth, people attempted to start a puzzle of their own.  Men and women rallied around different leaders, and then they tried to prove why their group was better than the others, serving their own egos.

Therefore, Paul challenged them to turn away from their divisions and toward unity.  Specifically, Paul told them to be united “in the same mind and the same judgment” (1 Cor 1:10).  Unity that is grounded in gospel convictions lasts; unity that is attached to personalities doesn’t. That is what went wrong in Corinth.  In this session we will see that our unity must be grounded in biblical convictions, not popular personalities.