Valley Christian School




Meet Our Principal

Andria Ibanez is faithfully and effectively leading Valley Christian School. If you have an interest in enrolling your child, or children, at our school, Principal Ibanez would love to have the opportunity to personally introduce you to the mission, philosophy and purpose of Valley Christian School.

K-8th Grades

For more information about our school or to schedule a tour, please visit us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

About Valley Christian School:

Valley Christian School (VCS) is a kindergarten through grade 8, co-educational, non-denominational Christian school with an evangelical basis. VCS is located in San Marcos, California.  Valley Bible Church (VBC) owns and operates the Elementary campus as an educational and outreach ministry.

VCS History:

In 1957 a group of six families from Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido had a vision for a Bible believing Church in San Marcos.   They began Valley Bible Church.  Then, in 1978 some of the same people under the leadership of Pastor Andy McAdams shared the vision of a school.  Thus, Valley Christian School was born. They soon after began to offer the community an alternative to the local public school system which could focus on Biblical principles and on the Christian philosophy of education.  They purposed to establish a nurturing environment offering quality education supported by a strong foundation in Christian values in partnership with parents to equip students to become leaders to serve God, their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world.

Learning Through a Biblical Lens:

Our students develop a Christian worldview while being taught with enthusiasm and care. We seek to create a place where our students engage daily with God’s Word and learn from Christian teachers. Valley Christian School seeks to create an inspiring community of Christ-centered learners, equipped to lead and serve, by providing a top-rate education for your children. We endeavor to deliver the finest academic experience, and believe it is essential to also interweave a spiritual component into kids’ daily lives. We strive to support all students through a framework of wellbeing, which is based on the centrality of Christ over all things. It is our desire that all our students will know their true identity in Christ, and will grow and flourish as resilient, engaged, and confident learners.
That’s Why We Value:
  • An adventurous, Christ-centered, personal relationship with God.
  • Personal growth, innovation and the pursuit of excellence.
  • A community reflecting Christ working in our lives.
  • Service and leadership empowered by the Holy Spirit within and beyond our school community.
That’s Also Why We Define Our Core Goals As:
  • Introducing students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Presenting a Christian view of the world.
  • Providing for every student the resources and skills necessary to live a life of service to God and their neighbors.
  • Providing every student with the opportunity to experience and live out a Christian worldview.

The Quest For Excellence:

The Quest for Excellence is a concerted effort by all associated with Valley Christian School to achieve the highest standards of educational excellence.   To achieve this quest we must be good stewards of our time, our talents and our treasure.   Balancing these three elements is critical to our achieving the Quest. With the Quest for Excellence there is a focus on stewardship of our treasure through fund development in support of the areas outlined on this page. Stewardship of our time and talents is integral to any development within Valley Christian School.

Attract Outstanding Students:

Attract outstanding students to serve as leaders in their future professions, our nation and the world.   To prepare alumni who will remain committed to excellence and bring a renewed respect to the cause of Jesus Christ within their spheres of professional and personal influence.

Recruit and Retain Quality Teachers:

To attract and retain quality teachers that are committed to your children that are entrusted to our care.

Improve the Academic Quality of VCS:

To offer one of the most excellent educational opportunities in our community by providing top-notch educational materials and activities that nurture the students creative and academic abilities.

Provide Outstanding Educational Facilities:

To procure and maintain permanent school facilities of outstanding quality for all VCS students.

Encourage Christian Faith:

To effectively “make disciples” as Jesus Christ directed (Matt. 28:19) by challenging students to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and to mature in their Christian walk by following the examples of their teachers, through a continuous study of Bible and through prayer.